With audio quality, hearing is believing! We therefore invite you to listen to the audio playback samples available through the menu options on the left so you can hear the clear difference that VoiceAge technology delivers.

VoiceAge offers a wide array of standard and proprietary custom tailored speech and audio compression technologies. From this rich and expanding palette you can select the best fitting codec solution for your specific application needs. Please listen to some of our audio samples to experience our technologies' unrivaled sound quality.

  • AMR-WB+ features the amazing stereo and mono sound delivered by this 3GPP multimedia services hi-fi audio compression codec standard. The AMR-WB+ audio sample player clearly demonstrates the versatility and stellar performance of this technology across diverse combinations of music and speech, even at remarkably low bit rates.
  • Standard Wideband Codecs Demo showcases the rich wideband speech quality of the AMR-WB/G.722.2 and VMR-WB standard codecs at various bit rates. Audio samples of some popular standard narrowband codecs are also available for comparison purposes in this demonstration.
  • Narrowband–Wideband Speech Comparison highlights the difference that wideband speech communications can make. This demo features alternating wideband and narrowband speech playback together with a visual representation of the associated frequency spectrum envelope for a compelling multimedia presentation.
  • Listening Room has a sampling of most of our other readily available narrowband and wideband speech coding technologies across a wide bit rate range – so you can compare and contrast various alternatives for your specific application.

We invite you to contact us at sales@voiceage.com to discuss our available off-the-shelf codec implementations or customized codec development initiatives to give you the best-in-class edge to leapfrog over your competitors.

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