EVRC-C is defined in 3GPP2 C.S0014-C: Enhanced Variable Rate Codec, Speech Service Option 3, 68 and 70 for Wideband Spread Spectrum Digital Systems.

EVRC-C consists of EVRC-A, EVRC-B, and EVRC-WB.

EVRC-WB is a wideband Enhanced Variable Rate Codec, corresponding to speech service option 70, capable to operate at one wideband mode and two narrowband modes interoperable with EVRC-B. The speech coder source bit rates are full rate (8.5 kbps), half rate (4 kbps), and eighth rate (800 bps)

Thus, EVRC-C adds the feature of encoding wideband signals sampled at 16 kHz with signal bandwith up to 7 kHz.

EVRC-C is used in cellular telephony in CDMA networks, and also has applications in VoIP.

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